An excellent online business does not happen by chance, not even if it was the beginning of the Internet. You need a degree of effort to attract any kind of customer who is willing to part with their money. Search Engine Optimization is one of the latest marketing strategies because it offers a short cut for your business to show on significant search engines. Here is all you need to understand to start using keywords in Montreal.

What are the keywords?

The aim of using SEO in Montreal is to increase the business’s rank to make better conversions. These phrases and words are the tools that help the search engine understand the page. The fundamental purpose of SEO is to identify keywords that are easily relatable to the site’s visitors. Keywords optimize your SEO services in Montreal, so you can help bring more traffic to the site. The two main types of keyword SEO are the following.

Types of keywords by Boost

Short-tail keywords

Short tail keyword services in Montreal QC have one or two keywords, such as ‘house’ or ‘house rent.’ These keywords have a high search volume and attract significant traffic every month. The only concern while using short keywords is that they have increased competition; hence it is challenging to direct your products. These keywords are not preferable for the site that has just begun using SEO.

Long-tail keywords

These keywords range from three to ten keywords. An example is the ‘cost of a mortgage in Montreal.’ These words have a lower volume and less competition, meaning few people will search every month. However, you have a better chance of attracting relevant traffic to your site with long keywords instead of short.

How do we choose keywords in Montreal?


Most marketers struggle with getting traffic because they work with competitive keywords. The difference with our service is we also add long-tail words to diversify your capability on the search engine.

We have keyword research for ecommerce so you can get the kind of traffic suitable for your business. You will find excellent products when we specify the keywords to match the products on your site. Fortunately, our strategy works the same way as Google Suggest. You can test this by entering any of the keywords into the Google search box. You will notice that lots of them include the name of the product, location, and possibly a brand name.

Competitor comparison

The random keywords you add to the search box are likely the same your competitors use. We should get you the highest-ranking keywords instead of a laundry list with thousands of average keywords to put you on the 3rd page of search results.


There is no point in using a keyword that does not have the right rank. The search volume will tell a lot about the most trending keywords. Fortunately, our search engine optimization company in Montreal has an easy way of choosing your business’s latest words to stay in the loop of the highest earners.

The first step to getting a decent collection of keywords is to use Boost for your keyword research in Montreal. Talk to us at (438) 558-1313 for a free marketing consultation.

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