Boost Accelerated Marketing has only one goal: to make your business grow and reach a new level. How do we do it? Through the best lead generation services in Montreal, Quebec. We can do precisely what your business needs right now to convert Google traffic in Montreal into paying customers. Do you want to learn more?

Here are five different strategies in digital marketing in Montreal that we implement with our clients:

  • Business strategy before implementing any actions

Before recommending an action plan, we assess your business’ current situation. It is essential to have certain things clear before making any decisions about what to do. One of them is working on goal clarification to ensure that every step we take together is towards that objective.

Part of the business’ strategy analysis is gathering data and doing market assessments. Some of the actions involved in this process are competitive research, target audience profiling, and determining what resources are available and what channels the company has established.

Finally, we work on strategical and tactical planning, branding and positioning, market segmentation, lead generation, and product roadmap.

  • Content syndication to drive Google traffic in Montreal

For achieving lead generation in Montreal, Boost Accelerated Marketing uses strategies that involve content syndication. Our methodology includes market monitoring, deployment, as well as creative development.

To achieve rankings in Local SEO in Montreal, we perform market monitoring, constantly research trends, and make great efforts to build a professional online presence. Our specialists in Montreal’s Google traffic will create lead generation funnels and search for visitors via search engines, video-driven SEO, point-of-sale campaigns, strategic alliances, and more.

  • Marketing automation strategies

We go through the entire customer lifecycle for client acquisition and retention. In this stage of the process, we focus on obtaining new clients, generating new leads, nurturing them, and converting them into sales.

Client retention is another relevant aspect. To do it successfully, we analyze behavioral sales paths, work with brand ambassadors, and more. Finally, we track and measure all of our actions and campaigns to continuously better the strategy and deliver accurate reports.

  • Discovery process

For selected businesses, we offer the discovery process. Through it, we look to understand your company and your product better. We also review your goals and offers and deliver a custom plan that will grow your revenues.

  • Our main focus is ROI

Finally, we drive traffic from Google to your business by focusing on ROI, which stands for Return of Investment. One of the reasons we consider ourselves as the best SEO company in Montreal is because of this. We know that, at the end of the day, the only metric that really matters is ROI. Are you making money or not? Therefore, we design programs that generate a positive return on investment in the short term but aiming for long-term growth.

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