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Over the years, many blacks worldwide have distinguished themselves as a superior race in all fields of life. You have leading black stars both dead and alive in politics, sports, entertainment, media, professional careers, arts, agriculture, and the likes. It is well known that civilization started in Africa, the progenitor of the black race. Since then, many black people have excelled wherever legitimate they find themselves, which informs the establishment of 360wise, the ultimate black owned media agency.


We are the supreme black-owned media agency to support the media arm of black-owned companies. We help them by providing strategies to launch their advertising and marketing campaigns better. We are the best partner for black-owned businesses since we keep blacks informed, educated, and entertained about their culture and heritage.

We have unsurpassed experience in targeting the right audience without gender bias. We rank as the leading media agency among top black-owned media agencies based on our commitment to educate and empower blacks all over the world on their culture.

Our strength is in our diversity because our arms are wide opened to both professionals and entrepreneurs of black origin. We cater to the media needs of independent creators and black-owned newspapers and media companies. We are the principal offline and online public relations influencer and marketing agency. We have leveraged technological advancement to disrupt the way information is created and disseminated, especially when operating with mobile devices in mind.


Our mission has always remained our will and desire to maximize technology to increase the voice of journalists, directors, writers, producers, and any other creators of color who are blacks. We have a mandate as a top global public relations, branding, and marketing agency for black-owned media companies, powering their advertising and marketing to the right audience.


We are the number one black-owned media agency, possessing in our bag of experience the perfect use of all verified social media platforms. We have an international presence and can help your business get positive visibility. We are experienced in making your digital marketing investment yield positive returns because we are the best black digital publishers in the United States.

We have a team of experts who are the best content creators in the industry and ensure that your contents get valuable engagements. We grant you many options ranging from local and national SEO, a platform for the international press, to human behavior marketing.


We act as brand influencers for black celebrities, actors, public figures, small businesses, and major brands. We were established to partner with African descent and those who adhere to black culture by focusing on black entertainment, culture, politics, news, and related issues. Our black media agency is geared towards accentuating black origin and African-Americans who have a voice to share in the world.

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